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Did you know that Guiana dolphin is in extinction? Know why!

Campaign #SaveTheDolphin, Do not let the dolphin become ashes 

Your help is very important!

We are a non profit NGO and we have as mission to work in favor of preservation of Guiana dolphins and conservation of marine ecossistem, with social-environmental commitments. 

Since mid 2015, we don't have any sponsorship, and the continuity of our work is in danger. It's 20 years of reseach, which are at risk because of lack of resources. And the studies results about this Guiana dolphin population are very important for the generation of knowledge to creat protection policies for the species!

With a small gesture, you can save the Guiana dolphins too!

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The community-based turism started in Sepetiba Bay as an alternative income to fisherman, hoping to decrease the high level of dolphin mortality in fishing nets. Know more clicking here!

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